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Activities widget

With the Activities widget, you can display all address and property records for a particular activity in which this activity occurs. The widget can be created multiple times and each time can be configured to display a different combination of action type / action type / features etc.

You can configure the table view as in the other list widgets .


Basically, only those activity entries are displayed that the user who is logged on is allowed to read. If there is no read permission for the corresponding address and/or property data record, only XXX will be displayed.


The widget displays the found activities as a table list view. Using the mouse-over icons of the selected entry, you can open the address  or property data record  or open the activity  directly as a popup with the Edit icon. If there is no property reference, the activity of the address data record is opened.

Configure display

The configuration is divided into different categories. The address and property filters can be used to limit the number of data records evaluated.

Using the selections below, you can specify which activities are selected in the data records under consideration. You can also limit the time period.

Subsequently edited

With this option, the “Created-Am-Date” is no longer evaluated for the activities, but the “Last Changed Date”. Activities are displayed that were edited within the set period, but whose entry date is at least 24 hours before the editing date.

Export data

You can export the list data as a CSV file. To do this, please click on the export icon  in the widget frame. The name of the export file is made up of date, time and widget name.