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Appointment Card Widget

Besides the map widget for addresses, real estate and offices, there is also the map widget for appointments. This displays the appointments of a certain user for a certain date on the map, numbered consecutively.

karten widget-termin

You can define two settings for the appointment card. You can set for which user appointments should be displayed and on which date. The dates are then chronologically marked with numbers and connected by lines. If there are several appointments at the same appointment location, only the first number is displayed. If you click on one of the numbers, details about the appointment such as subject, type and time are displayed.

Link to appointment

Link zum Termin

If you click on one of the numbered points, the subject, type and time of the appointment will be displayed. The subject is a link to the appointment, by clicking the appointment popup opens.

Appointment without a valid location

If you have appointments with invalid geo coordinates, this will be displayed Anzeige für ungültige Termineto the right of the date entry. If you click on the red warning triangle you will see the time, the type of appointment and the city