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The former appointment follow-up has been extended with profiles for appointment types and renamed Immofeedback.

In order to give the owner a good overview of the response, of the visits you have made or other appointments, there is the automatic property feedback. After the appointment, the prospective buyer receives an email in which he can state how he liked the property. With just a few clicks, he or she can – if the property does not suit him or her – send a reason for rejection. The following statistics in the property are thus maintained and created completely automatically.

Separate profiles can be created for each appointment type, with texts and settings tailored specifically to these appointment types. The profiles and settings are managed under Basic Settings >> Automation .

The configuration of your previous appointment follow-up is still available as a default profile with profile number 1.

Via the new macro _Immofeedback(Profil:x) you can also send an e-mail without any appointment reference at all.

If you use the multilingual module, you can also send the property feedback in multiple languages .

The statistic is created in the tab Statistics of the property, under the name “Reasons for cancellation”.