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P.O. Box

onOffice enterprise has a fully-fledged email client. Start your email management by clicking on the email symbol on the left in the module bar.


On the left-hand side, select the mailbox you want to work with. To switch, click on the mailbox if several mailboxes are assigned to you.
You will see the corresponding email folders below.

In the content area, you will see a list of the emails in the selected folder. By clicking on a list entry, the email appears – depending on the subdivision – at the bottom or to the right of the list. The subdivision can be changed at the top left via the table symbol.

Select your emails using the checkbox in the list view. You can then move one or more selected emails to other folders using drag-and-drop.

As soon as you look at an email in detail, the system attempts to carry out an address and property assignment .

You have several options in the opened email. You can reply to the email or forward it. You can also create tasks or appointments from the email via . In the drop-down menu, you will find further options such as Assign project or Start process. You can define basic settings such as the assignment of mailboxes or forwarding in the basic settings.

Select emails & list action

Select individual emails using the checkbox. To select several emails at the same time, click on the arrow next to the checkbox above the email list and select an option. You can delete the open or selected emails or mark them according to certain specifications. Moving to other folders works in this menu via “Move”. A selection window with all folders of the mailbox is displayed.

Empty folder / delete email

In the Inbox and Spam folders, you can delete all emails in the folder using the 3-dot menu next to the folder name. In all other folders, you must delete the emails manually.

Archive Inbox folder

As soon as there are more than 500 emails in your inbox, they are moved to the “Archive inbox” folder every week.
Please note: If you use your onOffice mailbox externally via IMAP, the folder is not necessarily displayed. With some providers, such as Outlook, you must explicitly subscribe to the folder in the settings.