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Portal requests


The portals pass on enquiries from interested parties as an email with additional information about the property enquired about. So that you can recognize these important emails directly in your inbox, portal requests are marked with an asterisk. The email is automatically linked to the published property and noted in its agent’s log. An address link also takes place if the address already exists as a data record and could be assigned. The assignment is made via the email address.

In addition to the pure information portal request, you receive further information via the color of the star symbol:

  • Icon for portal requestPortal request without address assignment
  • green icon for portal request, if address assignedPortal inquiry with address assignment – In the case of an unread email, an inquiry from an existing prospect
  • Blue star icon for portal request answeredPortal request was answered with an email – manually or via “Answer portal request directly”
  • Inquiry manager has requested further information from the interested partyYellow stars are only displayed in connection with the request manager . The request manager has sent a confirmation of the email address / completion of address details
  • Processing of the request was cancelled in the request managerRed Stars are only displayed in conjunction with the request manager . Processing was canceled. Details can be found in the request manager widget. When a task should be created, the task is linked in the email at the top of the header.

After a portal request has been assigned to an address record, you can continue processing the requests. We divide it into 2 sections here via the property search. Without property search = direct answer, with property search = indirect answers. For indirect, there are manual and automated responses.

Create address from portal request

If no address could be assigned to the portal request, the star is grey and the header of the email has a red frame. After an address has been assigned, this frame turns green. At the same time, the color of the star changes from gray Icon for portal requestto green green icon for portal request, if address assigned. The color change of the star will only be visible after refreshing the mailbox.

For portal requests without an assigned address, the link “Assign address” in the top right-hand corner of the email header can be used to assign the address, or a new address record can be created.

We recommend searching for the last name alone first to discover any duplicates.
If the search for the last name did not produce a duplicate, you can generate an address data record directly from the portal using the “New” tab in the address mapping dialog with the details of the interested party. This saves you valuable time when recording the address data of your customers.

You can also have search criteria created automatically via the property linked in the email. For this purpose, the data of the requested property is used, provided with a certain tolerance range and stored as a search profile with the interested party. Thus you can easily and quickly find similar properties in your database and offer them to the customer.


For portal requests without address mapping, you can prevent them from being deleted or moved from the inbox by enabling“Force address mapping for portal requests” in the basic settings.

Answer without property search – Direct answer

If a property and an address have been assigned to the portal inquiry, the button “Answer portal inquiry directly” is displayed in the email header. If only the requested property is to be offered, you can click on it to send an email as a reply with the template / brochure pair displayed next to it.

Depending on the property you may want to send different templates or brochures, for this you can choose from 3 different pairs in the dropdown.

The template pairs are stored in the basic settings (or, in the case of groups, in their basic data). In each level a property filter can be specified, if the property from the portal request fits into this filter, the corresponding template pair for the “direct reply” is preset in the email. This will check level by level, “No template found” will be displayed if the property does not fit any filter. Then you have to choose the best one from the 3 available template pairs or write an email with any template from the address, as it is described in the way with property search.

After the offer has been sent, the star in the mailbox will turn blue Blue star icon for portal request answered to indicate that the request has already been answered. The color changes only become visible when you refresh the view of the mailbox.


The star also turns blue if a reply is sent to the portal request email or if the email is manually marked as answered.
In this case, the colouring also occurs for emails that have not been assigned to an address.


Answer after property search

If you want to validate the address data first, or if you want to carry out the property search, enter an individual reply text, etc., you can also send a reply later. Detailed information about the property search can be found at Prospects , the focus here is on the reply email.

manual response

To open the assigned address, please click on the name of the address in the email header. In the tab “property search” please click on the sub-tab “automatic assignment”. To start the property search, please click on the “refresh” button in the upper right corner of the list. You can use the pins on each search profile to specify whether properties should only be searched for a search profile.

In the results list, you can select one or more properties to be included in the response. In the list action bar directly below the results list, please select “Write email”. The write email dialog opens, in which the address is already stored as a recipient. In addition, in this case all the properties ticked in the results list are already linked.
You can now choose the desired template, customize the text or select the desired brochure. As usual, the email is sent with “send” and also the corresponding agent’s log / activity entries are created.

automatic reply

With the additional module “automatic brochure dispatch” you can also have brochures sent automatically for selected properties and addresses. When creating the address from the portal inquiry, please activate the automatic brochure dispatch or, if an existing address has been assigned, this if desired.