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Rights and access level

The rights assignment for the templates and also the user rights for the template management have been adjusted.
With the simple rights system, only the explanations for the Private / Public access levels apply.

Rights can be assigned to templates and folders in the configuration dialog via the mouseover icon Wrench white icon . The rule is that only those who are allowed to see the folder can see its contents.

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The management of access for the template has been simplified. You can set the access level via a dropdown, depending on the user right Private / Standard / Public is possible.

The following applies:

  • Private; Only the creator of the template can choose this, only he can see this template then.
  • Default; This is the default setting, here the user rights set in the user are evaluated.
  • Public; Anyone can see this template, no matter what user rights have been assigned. Therefore, only users with the appropriate user right can set this access level.

In addition, users with the appropriate permission can assign record permissions.


Changing the access level replaces all set record rights.

User rights

In the user rights there are 2 new / changed rights.

  • Call template management; It can be defined for each user whether he is allowed to open the template management ( Edit >> Templates/Files ) .
  • Set templates to public; The right for setting/accepting the “Public” access level. In addition, the right to write to the template is necessary.