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Templates PDF Form

Create PDF forms

PDF forms are created in the same way as for all other tabs by clicking the plus icon New record icon. It will open a lightbox where you can enter the necessary information to create it. Please note that you cannot create forms with onOffice enterprise edititon, you can only use existing PDF document with form fields as a basis.

In this input mask you can enter the title and also a hint, which will be displayed when using the template. When all the necessary information is provided and all the files are uploaded, you can create the fields the PDF form via ‘Create’. A popup opens where you can assign content to the form fields.

In the opened Edit popup you will find a link to the origin PDF document from which PDF form was created. Below that, you will see which link (property and/or address) is necessary for the PDF form. Depending on the input in the form fields, this is set automatically. So the address link is necessary and checked as soon as address macros are used. Likewise, the property linkage is set.

In the next area, the individual form fields can be edited. The recognized form fields are displayed in the left column, these can no longer be edited. For each form field, there is a description of what may be stored in the fields via the triangle symbol Triangle symbol . If you do not see a triangle symbol Triangle symbol , no information about the field was entered in the PDF document when it was created.

In the middle column you can specify which input in the right column will be used to fill the form field. You can choose between macro replacement, free text and formula.

  • Texts and macros: here you can enter address, property, user or group macros. Note that you cannot make image macros like _UserFoto work. Furthermore, if there is a selection field built into the form, you can specify the preselection. If it is a text-only field, text can be entered.
  • Formula: can be included as in the administration. You can seethe exact formula handling here.

Logo settings

Under the settings for the individual form fields you can set whether and where your logo is displayed. The logo is displayed in the finished form only on the first page. The logo from the basic settings will be displayed first. If you use the group module and are in an office group, the logo from the group settings will be used.

Settings & Delete

Via the wrench “Mouseover” Wrench white icon the settings of the PDF forms are opened. You can change the title, hint text, etc.

You can also find the entry to delete the PDF forms here. Multiple PDF forms at once can be deleted from the list view (Checkbox and Actions Bar >> Delete ).


Via the pencil icon Icon Pencil icon you can edit the PDF forms, the popup with the form fields will open as when creating.

Please note that PDF forms are not multilingual.