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A dictionary is stored in onOffice enterprise edition, which can be expanded at any time. With the help of the dictionary, field names, forms, texts, web pages and brochures are displayed in the correct language – provided that a translation is stored.

You can find a tutorial for the dictionary under the step by step tutorials.

In property (and addresses), some fields such as user-defined texts or property titles are not translated. They exist once for each language of the property and the foreign language text must be stored accordingly. You can find more details in the settings under“Language-dependent fields“.

The dictionary

With the user right for the dictionary you can open the dictionary under Tools >> Settings >> Dictionary .

You can find a training video on multilingualism here.

You can select the languages via the flag selection. Only the languages that have been selected under the basic settings are displayed here. Your selections are displayed with the flag icon.
On the left side, the flag for your language is selected by default. If required, you can also select another language here to store translations from one foreign language to another. On the right-hand side, you specify the target language you want to use for the translations. The selected target language is saved and displayed again the next time it is called up.

In the “Search” field, enter a word or phrase to be translated. Confirm your search request by pressing the “Search” button. The table below shows you all the available options and the equivalent in the target language. If the target field is empty, no translation exists yet.

Edit your dictionary entries directly in the table. You can enter missing translations or overwrite existing ones. Then save your changes by clicking the “Save” button.

With the option “only system translations” only the fields and formulations supplied by onOffice are searched. No individual fields or values are searched.

If you only want to see missing translations for a specific language, you can tick the checkbox “Missing translation only”. This will only show you words that do not have a translation in the selected language.