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Invoice Templates

In order to send invoices or credit notes to your customers, suitable invoice templates are needed for the PDF documents and the emails to the customers. The PDF document is sent as an attachment to an email.

Which templates are to be used is set in the basic billing settings .

There are already default templates for documents that can be used.

Set templates

Create document template in PDFdesigner

To customize your invoices, you can create and use your own invoice templates.

To do this, first create an invoice letter template in PDFdesigner via Edit >> PDFdesigner >> + symbol .

Choose between Document (DIN 5008 A) or Document (DIN 5008 B) for an invoice template and assign a name.

The configuration works like for normal PDF letter templates. On the PDF letter template help page all settings are explained in more detail.

You can configure the basic settings common for letters. Colors, fonts and font sizes are adjustable. Background graphics, logo and page margins are configurable. In addition, a footer and header can be activated and customized under the advanced settings.

Background graphic, return information, voucher recipient and voucher header are defined for the voucher page. Billing macros can be used in all areas. In addition, an individual page can be added to the letter. In this you can attach your own documents or files from the property to the letter via the document feature.

Via Preview in the Actions bar you can see how the PDF invoice would look like. The generated PDF invoice is marked as preview by watermark. Use “Select document” to select the data for which a preview is to be created. PDF letter template, address reference and posting are to be set. For example, an invoice preview could look like this:

Invoice document preview

If you are satisfied with the invoice template, you can publish it via “Publish changes”. Then it can be used in template layer management for billing letter templates.

Create Letter Template in Template Management

Use Edit >> Templates / Files >> PDF Letter Templates >> + icon to create a new billing letter template.

Select “Invoice template” in the category. Under Template select an invoice template from PDFdesigner. After creating you can define the content.

The content is divided into introduction, the document items and other information. The billing macros can be used. You can perform formatting using the CK Editor toolbar. Under Attachments, additional file attachments can be defined to be sent together with the document.

After saving, the template can be selected in the basic settings under Templates as a PDF template for invoices or credit notes and used for billing.

This configures the PDF invoice or PDF credit note. This will be sent to your customers as an email attachment.

Create Email Template

An e-mail template for the e-mail to the customer can be created via Edit >> Templates / Files >> E-mail Templates >> +Symbol .

There is nothing specific to Invoice here, you can find the general help for email templates here. Billing macros can be used.

The sample template “Invoice – Invoice Dispatch” looks like the one shown in the picture and can be customized by you.

After saving, the template can be selected as an e-mail template in the basic settings under Templates and used for the invoice.

How to create concrete documents for customers from these created templates is described here.