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In general, the new Data Protection Basic Regulation – GDPR for short – has been in force in the EU since 25 May 2018 and refers to the storage and processing of personal data. Information such as the office address of “legal entities” such as notaries and lawyers is not covered by the GDPR


Which data can/may/must be stored in which cases cannot be determined automatically by onOffice. The following information must be decided and set by yourself

The GDPR status and the “save to date” are used in onOffice enterprise edition so that you can more easily organize the address data records for a GDPR compliant handling.

To distinguish which addresses are affected and which are not, onOffice enterprise edition primarily uses the new GDPR status, which has been included in all address data records.
Those who are not affected receive the GDPR status “Ignore”, and those who are not are divided into “Withdraw storage”, “Agreed storage” and “No information”.

“No information” as GDPR status is a special case; it includes all address data records that have not yet been processed.

Parallel to this there are the new fields “Save to date” and “Save to reason”. The date and the reason for the storage are specified here primarily for the addresses with GDPR status “No information”. Primarily, because even for addresses with the GDPR status “Cancel storage”, temporary storage may be possible/necessary.

The storage of personal data always includes information about “what and what” is stored as well as general information. For this purpose onOffice enterprise edition offers the consent assistant