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Consent to data storage / consent assistant

In order to obtain consent to the storage of the data of your interested parties, it is necessary to comply with the “obligation to notify the storage of data”. The document, which the prospective customer must confirm, is automatically generated by onOffice, provided that all necessary information was deposited by you. It is stored together with the addressee’s decision in the activities of the address data record

The well-known address completion already offers the possibility to display saved data, it is extended by the query for saving and the hint form.

In addition to the question about saving the data, you can use the checkbox “Show all personal data” to display the basic contact data, regardless of the configuration for the visible data in the address completion

The person will now receive an e-mail asking them to check their data and will be asked whether they agree to the storage of the data. This agreement is then automatically stored in the address data record in the “GDPR status” field. In addition, the corresponding activity entries are created and the broker receives a notification.

The consent wizard from the corresponding widget sends a corresponding e-mail to the selected addresses, provided that an e-mail address is stored.

Elements for the GDPR

The GDPR stores the status of an address, whether the GDPR applies to the address and what request (consent or deletion) for storage the person has indicated. Beside the wish there are reasons (e.g. protection of the brokerage fee) and obligations (e.g. tax law etc.) to store the data for a certain time (“save to” fields in the addresses). The GDPR status of the address results from the request and the reasons/obligations. This forms the basis for further processes with the help of GDPR widgets.

To determine the GDPR status of the address, the fields “GDPR status”, “Save to date” and “Save to reason” have been added to the category Administration of address data records

GDPR status

The GDPR status is initially set to “no information”. Persons who have consented to the storage of data via the consent wizard automatically receive the GDPR status “Storage consented”, if the storage was objected to, the GDPR status “Storage revoked” is set.

The GDPR does not apply to legal entities, you can give them the GDPR status “Ignore”. All addresses with this GDPR status are not taken into account in further steps/processes.

Save to date and Save to reason

The “Save to date” can be set manually if a certain storage period is required. This can be the case, for example, with buyers, sellers or tenants. Please always specify the reason for saving (select “Save to reason”), this will make it easier to decide later on whether to delete the address. There are predefined reasons, which you can extend in the administration.
Attention, addresses for which the “save to date” was set manually, the “save to date” is no longer set automatically for security reasons.
If the field is cleared and saved, the date is automatically set again.

On the other hand, the “Save to date” can be set automatically if it has been set up and activated.

When a property is archived, the “Save to date” is automatically set for all interested parties who are not interested in another active property or do not have the GDPR status “Storage approved”.

If the person asks again for an active property within the time limit and one of the above activities is entered, the “Save to date” is reset to 0 (more precisely 00.00.0000).

An address data record is evaluated as an interested party if one of the following activities exists with reference to a real estate object:

  • A date with a real estate exists
  • An activity with the action characteristic “Exposéversand” exists
  • A confirmation of revocation has taken place

Excluded are all address data records that:

  • Owners/buyers/tenants of a property are
  • Owning the title “Company” and entering a company name
  • Are assigned to a user

GDPR widgets

The “Save to date” have been set/changed manually On your dashboard you can place widgets that allow you to monitor your address data for certain “GDPR states” and simplify the further steps.
The states are formed from the elements described above and are stored as filters. The content of the widgets is determined by filters, you can also replace the default filter with your own filter. The configuration can be found at the Dashboard-Widgets.

  • GDPR – ConsentAssistant ;
    Content: Here you are shown data records whose “save to date” expires within the next 28 days and have the GDPR status “no information”. Addresses that have been written to in the past 14 days for storage are excluded. These will be listed again after the 14 days if the “Save to date” is not in the past.
    Steps: You can write to these addresses collected through the widget using the consent wizard for consenting to the storage of data. Address data records without a stored e-mail address are skipped
  • GDPR – Deletion requested
    Content: All addresses are listed here that have explicitly not agreed to storage (GDPR status “Deletion requested”) and that do not have a “Save to date” in the future or 00.00.0000.
    Steps: You can select these addresses collectively with a few clicks and then delete them. Attention: Before deleting, you must check whether there are still reasons for saving the data, e.g. tax law, money laundering law, etc. The extended magnifying glass preview helps you to do this
  • GDPR – Save to date expired;

    Contents: Here the data records are displayed whose storage period has expired and whose GDPR status is set to “No information” or “Deletion requested”.

    Steps: You can select these addresses collectively with a few clicks and then delete them. Attention: Before deleting, you must check whether there are still reasons for saving the data, e.g. tax law, money laundering law, etc. The extended magnifying glass preview helps you to do this

For all three widgets, the mouseover icons give you the extended magnifier preview, with additional information for e.g. “Save to date”, “Save to reason” and “GDPR status”.

Extended magnifier

preview In the magnifier preview you can see the current status of the GDPR as well as other activities of the address in order to decide individually how to proceed with this address.
You can execute the actions directly from the magnifying glass preview