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Automatic portal adjustment

With automatic portal synchronization, you can define up to 2 times in the portal settings Extras >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Tab Portals at which the system automatically starts a portal full synchronization or mass partial synchronization without you having to be logged in


Please note that the automatic portal synchronization is a paid function. 
To activate an automatic portal synchronization, please contact onOffice Support (+49 241 44 686 122 / / support Chat Messenger)

If the automatic portal full adjustment is activated, you can choose whether you want to perform a mass partial adjustment or a portal full adjustment. In a full adjustment, you can select a specific time for it. In a mass partial adjustment, you can select 2 times, for example, in the morning at 07:00 and in the evening at 23:30

Which properties will be transferred?

All properties flagged for export to a portal are transferred. 

In the case of office groups with different provider numbers, one portal transfer is compiled for each provider number. 
Also here applies, already stopped real estates are transferred with the offerer number, under which they are already stopped in the portal. In the case of properties that have not yet been discontinued, this is the property manager’s property. If inadvertently real estates without responsible person are reserved, these are transferred with the offerer number from the basic settings.

Please check the limitation and the property rotation if you use office groups and different provider numbers. The set number is then allowed per provider number. So total number of properties transferred = rotation limit * different provider numbers