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Addresses after last contact / live values

Using examples we will explain how to use statistics and how they can be changed via the configuration. There are several example pages at “Working with Statistics“.

Another example is the template “Addresses after last contact”, where the settings for the category “Evaluation” should be clarified.

In the example “Number of properties in marketing”, the settings for the “temporal reference” were explained in more detail. However, there are also statistics without “temporal reference”, for this in the category “Evaluation” the selection “Live values” is used.

An example for “live values” is provided by the standard template “addresses after last contact”. The current key figures for the various periods in which the last contact with active addresses took place are listed. Behind this is the so-called “traffic light status“. The “contact age” of the address data records is indicated by a color symbol.

No values for different months are displayed, only the current status. You can also get the current values for a certain traffic light status simply via a filter, but for the overview you have to create several filters, call them up and note the numbers. With the statistics function you can do this with just one click.