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Statistics with average values

Several examples will explain how statistics can be used and how they can be changed via the configuration. There are several example pages at “Working with Statistics“.

Another example is the evaluation of a property (and the average) in contrast to the number of data records. The explanatory example is not available as a standard template.

By default, the number of data records is used to determine the key figures. However, all numeric fields (e.g. prices, areas, number of rooms, income) of the data records can be selected. In this case, the total of the values from the field in the corresponding data records is determined as the key figure. If you are not interested in the total sum, but the average value of all records, please check the checkbox “Ø Average”.

For example, the following key figures may be required: What is the average selling price of a semi-detached house? With more than five rooms? For a position in postal code?

Answers to these questions can be found in the statistics. For this purpose, the number of data records is not evaluated for the key figures, but the purchase price is evaluated as an average.

In the “Settings” category, the “property” module is selected and the “Purchase price” and the “Average” checkmark are set for “To be evaluated”.
In the “Grouping” category, a filter (previously created) is added for the property type “House” and the marketing type “Purchase”.
In the “Evaluation” category, “Live values with time reference” is selected and in the “Time reference” category, the field “offline since”, “Reference in month” and “Exclude blank values” is set. The month in which the property was removed from all portals is taken as the date of sale.

At the moment the statistics show the average selling price of the houses sold in the month in question.
If only the average selling price of all houses (no matter if sold for a long time or in marketing) is to be determined, then the category evaluation is set to “live values” and all further settings are omitted.

The condition “Properties with more than 5 rooms” should be added via the filter bar. Then it is easily possible to exchange the condition “property with more than 5 rooms” for the condition “located in the postcode area”, without changing the statistics themselves via the configuration.

The finished statistic shows the following picture.

If necessary, the configuration of the statistics for the “time reference” could be adjusted or the key figures for detached houses, apartments, etc. could be added.
Without a change to the configuration of the statistics, an office group could be selected via the filter bar for users in order to obtain the key figures for a particular office, etc.