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Step by step

Request manager – set up

The request manager automatically processes portal requests for existing and active properties. If the request does not come from a known address (email address), an additional address can be created (with or without checking the data / duplicate check). Afterwards the request can be answered automatically.

This means that inquiries without property reference are NOT processed.

The work of the request manager can be roughly divided into 3 sections, whose configuration we will go through step by step in the example:

  • Email inquiries
  • Process addresses
  • Process request.

In each of the steps, possible alternative configurations are briefly indicated and possible problems are also explained.

You can view and review the Request Manager via the widget on the dashboard, see step 5 for details.

After setup, all future requests will be processed automatically.
Please give the individual mailboxes and mail servers as well as the automatic system a little time. Depending on the workload, it may take a few minutes until the step or steps are processed.

For technical reasons it is necessary that the mailbox in which the requests arrive is located at onOffice. You can forward portal requests from another mailbox to this mailbox.