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Action Webhook

In the Marketplace, webhooks are used to make automated use of certain services.

Webhooks are generally understood to be the calling of specially prepared websites in order to pass on targeted information so that no regular polling has to be carried out for this purpose.

These services have no visible GUI for the user, but run in the background. The webhooks are triggered by certain actions, e.g. when saving a property if certain fields have changed. For example, the Sprengnetter property valuation or the Newsletter Connector are executed as webhooks. If, for example, price or area fields of a property change, the Sprengnetter webhook is triggered, which initiates a new property valuation.

Via the process step “Webhook” an information can be forwarded to a service of an onOffice Marketplace participant. I.e. the webhook of the provider is triggered.

The prerequisite is that the Marketplaceservice is executed as a webhook.

For questions about the individual webhooks, please contact the provider of the marketplace service.
For questions about the process step itself, please contact onOffice Support( / +49 241 44 686 122)

You define the start of the process step in the upper left corner. Here you have the choice between starting “After finishing the previous” or after “x days after previous”.

In terms of responsibility, you can choose between the person responsible for the process, the maintainer of the property or address data record(s) linked to the process (the prerequisite for this is, of course, that a property or address data record is linked to the process step), or a direct user.

You can define a deadline for the completion of this process step in days. If after the start the process step has not been processed within the set time limit (specified in days), an e-mail is sent to the process controller to inform him about the delay. The e-mail address of the process controller can be entered in the process settings (wrench icon).

You use these two icons to decide which property or address this process step refers to. Any activity / agents log entries will then be made in these records.

All activated marketplace services of your client that contain a webhook are listed here.

Please select the desired marketplace service and, if necessary, select a parameter from the selection and enter the desired value for it. These parameters are passed to the URL when the webhook is called.

Please note, the webhook must be offered by the provider and configured in their marketplace service. This determines which parameters are possible.

Webhooks can be used when changes are made to a property as part of a process, for example. With the webhook, the service of a Marketplace provider can be addressed, e.g. to re-determine the market value and enter it in the property.