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Process manager

Action SMS

By clicking on the action“SMS” the following mask appears:

The following input options are available here:

You define the start of the process step in the top left-hand corner. Here you can choose between the start “After completion of the previous” or after “x days after previous”.

In this selection point you decide whether the SMS should be sent manually or automatically.
If the sending is set to “Automatic”, 3 different values can be selected for sending.

Fixed time: A fixed send time can be set.

Time slotTwo values can be used to define a window of the dispatch.

Any time: The SMS will be sent at any time.

For the responsibility, you can choose between the process owner, the person in charge of the property or address record linked to the process (provided, of course, that a property or address record is linked to the process step) or a direct user. The process step is then visible to the person responsible under the running process and must then be created and completed by him.

You use these two symbols to decide whether a property or address data record should be assigned to this process. The address data record is intended as the recipient. You can also select the maintainer of the address in the address symbol. This will write to a user, which assumes that an address record is required to start the process.

Using the selector next to Contact you can send a selected contact or e.g. tenant/buyer or similar of a property in the SMS. You can use the _Kontakt(Name; Vorname etc.) macro to pass on the contact’s data in the SMS.

Here you define the sender identification. Available for selection: Supervisor of the linked property, mobile number from client and, if the group module is active, mobile number from group.

The SMS text is inserted here, it must not exceed 320 characters (2 SMS).