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Process manager

Portal adjustment action

Using the process step portal matchup, you have the option of adding properties to portals using a process or preregistering properties for portals that only function using a full matchup. If the process step is inserted in the process template, the following mask appears.

You define the start of the process step in the top left-hand corner. Here you can choose between the start “After completion of previous” or after “x days after previous”.

Here you can decide whether the step should be executed manually or automatically.

For the responsibility, you can choose between the process owner, the person in charge of the property or address record linked to the process (provided, of course, that a property or address record is linked to the process step) or a direct user. The process step is then visible for the responsible person under the running processes and must be created and completed by this person.

You can define a deadline for completing this process step in days. If the process step has not been processed within the set time limit (specified in days) after the start, an email is sent to the process controller to inform them of the delay. The email address of the process controller can be entered in the process settings (Wrench symbol).

You can use this dropdown to decide whether the process step is to be used to place the property in portals or remove it.

If you have set what should happen to the property under Action, you can decide here whether the action can be executed for certain or all portals.
If you set here that the action is to be executed for certain portals, you can select these in the lower list of portals. Only those portals are displayed which are activated in your client.
If “All portals” is set, all portals are automatically checked. With this setting, no portal can be removed manually.

This list shows the portals that have been activated.

For portals marked with an asterisk, only a full match is possible. Properties are only flagged for full matching at these portals. With the next full adjustment they will be set in these portals.