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Here you have the option of uploading files that you frequently use in connection with the respective address record. This includes, for example, contracts, agreements and similar documents.
You also have access to this data on the road via onOffice. The files are part of the record and are backed up with it.
In addition, files uploaded by the customer via address completion are stored here as copies. This way you always have a complete overview of when which file was stored.

Tab “Uploaded” In addition

to the files uploaded via address completion, you can store files yourself. Upload your files in the file upload mask. These appear directly in a clearly arranged list form for versatile use.

Tab “Off Activities” In

the tab “Off Activities” you will find a list with links to the e-mail attachments (incoming or outgoing e-mails) for this address record. Here you can, for example, quickly access an attachment sorted by date. The files will not be saved here again, only a link to the attachment will be displayed

As soon as a dark blue bar appears above the tab, it indicates that the tag “Uploaded” contains files.


filter You can use the file filter to filter according to certain file types, such as document, photo, etc.