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Acquisition Cockpit

Acquisition Cockpit

The Acquisition Cockpit can be opened in the list view of the properties via the icon Acquisition cockpit icon. It is divided into several sections.

In the upper area of the property representation the ImmoNr, the title picture and the address of the property are represented. A click on the property picture opens the magnifying glass preview of the property. If several images are stored in the property, you can browse through them.
Property details can be displayed in the lower area. These can be configured in Administration >> Lists/Forms >> Configure: Info bar / module: Property /Component: Acquisition Cockpit (left area) can be configured. A maximum of five entries are possible.

2. Owner

The owner of the property is displayed under the property data. The addresses linked in the “Property” category count as owners.
The owner can be contacted directly via various actions from the Acquisition Cockpit, e.g. the displayed telephone number can be called, provided the telephone module is activated.

If more than one owner is registered for the property, the first registered owner is displayed. If another owner is selected afterwards, it will be displayed when you open it again. The selected owner is saved per property and is therefore the same for all users.

Once an owner is selected, you can access a list of the owner’s property via the ‘Other properties owned by owner’ option.

If the owner has a warning or comment, a red warning triangle is displayed next to the name. Clicking on it displays the text.

3. Actions Bar

All actions that are triggered via the action bar always refer to the selected owner. In this way, emails, calls or letters can be sent or made directly from the Acquisition Cockpit to the owner.

You can also create processes, tasks and appointments for the property and the owner.

4. Activity list and quick entry

The last 50 activities of the selected owner are displayed in the activities list. All activity entries are displayed, including those of other properties. All entries belonging to the selected property are highlighted in black.

The list view can be filtered via the settings on the right above the activity list. This setting is saved on a user-specific basis. It is independent of the filtering of the activities in the “Activities” tab of the addresses.

Displayed activities can be opened by clicking on the edit pen.

An activity can be created directly via the quick entry under the activity list. You can define the comment, the action type and the action type.
If you would like to enter further details, you can edit the entry just created in the activity list or you can use the “normal activity mask” via the action bar(Create >> Activity) of the Acquisition Cockpit.

5. Quick sending of an email

The quick send function allows you to select an email template and send it to the selected owner with just one click. The selected template is saved and is preselected the next time the Acquisition Cockpit is opened.
Sender is the active mailbox of the logged-in user.

6. Acquisition status

The various acquisition statuses are all stored as inactive statuses in the administration . The statuses are displayed on a kind of tachometer. When one phase is completed and the next is selected, another area is colored green. You can configurewhich and how many steps are used for the acquisition process.

To complete the acquisition, the status in the selection can then be set to “active”.

7. Configurable fields


Under the acquisition status area there are 4 fields, which can be configuredin Administration >> Lists/Form >> Configure: Forms / Module: Property /Component: Acquisition Cockpit can be maintained. These fields can be changed and you can save the values in the property by clicking “Save” in the action bar. Without the right to write to the property, the fields are greyed out.
The fields Property origin, Placement probability and Acquisition probability are preset as standard.

Acquisition Cockpit