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List view Activities

Customize the view

Use the wrench at the top left to open the View Settings pop-up. Here you have the option of hiding future actions (dates) or selecting an alternative layout for the activities.
You can also restrict the entries displayed to certain action types and action categories. You can further restrict these using “Filter characteristics”


Please note that this selection is saved and will be used in the future to display the activity entries. This setting can be set by each user

Filtering Action Types and Action Types

In the lower part of the pop-up window, you can select which action types/action types are to be displayed in the list view of the activities.

Check the boxes for the action types/action categories that are to be displayed.

Filtering characteristics

You can assign characteristics to the individual activities that you define yourself in the administration . The system also assigns its own action characteristics for certain entries.
You can filter the view according to these characteristics/action characteristics. After you have activated the checkbox “Filter characteristics” in the options, a click on the editing pen next to the action dropdown is sufficient to obtain a list of the available characteristics/action characteristics

In this selection list, you can select individual characteristics, which are then displayed in the results list. You can use “No characteristics” to display entries that do not have a characteristic or action characteristic.

Activities of secondary contacts

Via the checkbox Display activities of secondary contacts you can display all activities of the respective secondary contacts of the selected address.

Call up legend

You can use the legend  function to call up a summary of the entries in the same way as in the property agent’s book. An external pop-up window lists the activities of entries divided into categories. It is possible to allocate costs for the individual entries. These costs can be defined for certain types of actions in the administration or directly recorded for the individual entries.

Scroll through the activities

Use the arrows in the upper left corner above the list of activities Entries to scroll through the activities of the address data record. The double arrows on the left and right lead you to the beginning or end of the activity list, the single arrow scrolls one page forward or back.

Quick View

To quickly access the underlying emails, appointments, tasks, or Word attachments, click each icon in the Typecolumn. You will receive detailed information on the selected activity. For example, you can use the various email icons to call up the emails sent or received, or you can open the tasks for the individual activities.

Record rights on the activity list

You can also assign rights for individual groups and users of your onOffice enterprise edition. Use the action ‘Record rights’ from the action bar of the list of agents log entries below: Further actions >> Record rights. Here you can set who can read, write and delete entries in the respective agents log